“When I was in school, I could easily disassemble and assemble the phone. Some of his parts I could make from scrap materials. I fully understood the principle of this apparatus, and I knew everything about it. Now I carry with me a computer with a phone function, about which I know nothing, but he knows everything about me.”
Adam Liria

This remix conveys the atmosphere of a mixture of technological epochs, from the moment when the computer occupied the area of a two-storey house to the moment when it began to fit in our pocket. The piano solo slides through the entire composition, giving way to synthesis and contrabass. Notes of nostalgia and tranquility, as if you are sitting somewhere by the sea and smoking a magnificent cigar.

Adam Liria — Paranoid (Palaraga Remix) / ISRC: QZFZ21909544


Release date: 03/07/19
Produced by: Sergey Prishvin
Time Duration: 00:04:18
Original Release: Paranoid
Label: Unaviva
Country: United Kingdom

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