Lounge mix will help you relax on the road, at work and just have fun with friends. All tracks are mixed (except for playlists), so you won’t even notice how you move from one state to another.

00:00 Silhouette
04:05 Just One Day
07:59 Why
11:31 Forced Womanization
14:51 Back To The Sun
17:45 Sense Of Beauty (Adam Liria Remix)
20:38 Two Days in Oslo
23:59 The Night Walk On City
27:07 Somewhere With You
30:06 Summer Nights
33:13 Love Will Guide Us
36:43 Wake Up
40:43 Monte Carlo (Aruimo Remix)
44:44 Night Traffic
47:45 The Winter
51:18 Evening (Aruimo Remix)
56:34 The First Love
59:36 She Never Knew… (Aruimo Remix)
1:04:11 Away From Home (Aruimo Remix)
1:07:55 In Motel
1:11:55 Without You (Adam Liria Remix)
1:16:01 Loly In Love
1:20:05 The Solar City
1:24:08 Le Mirage (Adam Liria Remix)
1:28:06 Stay Alive (Adam Liria minimal remix)
1:31:30 Around The World