I always liked to wrap soft motives in a hard wrapper. This album was no exception. In this release, I tried to do this as neatly as possible, focusing on a new form of relaxation. Ataraxia is a state of tranquility and peace, fueled by the coolness of experience and wisdom. This is what you will find in my new album.

01. Please Do Not Be Silent / ISRC: USDY41840680
02. Keep on Fire! / ISRC: USDY41840681
03. Tualma / ISRC: USDY41840682
04. Artificial Intelligence / ISRC: USDY41840683
05. Opium Wars / ISRC: USDY41840684
06. Ataraxia / ISRC: USDY41840685
07. The Twilight Dance / ISRC: USDY41840686
08. Le Demon / ISRC: USDY41840687
09. Morning Theme / ISRC: USDY41840688
10. Feel Me Closer / ISRC: USDY41840689
11. The Indolence / ISRC: USDY41840690
12. The Routine / ISRC: USDY41840691
13. The Space Traveler / ISRC: USDY41840692
14. The Spring / ISRC: USDY41840693