The relationship between two people is very similar to natural phenomena. One person influences the fate of the other, building the line of his attitude to him based on what he created. And, depending on the choice of assumptions about the thoughts and motives of the partner, a certain vibration and harmony of relations are formed. We choose for ourselves what this harmony will be. Will it be based on trust in what we see, or will it fall apart in fears and mistrust as a mirage. Mirage becomes what we want to see and what we want with all our hearts.

01. Le Mirage (Original) / 4:15 / ISRC: QZFZ31994476
02. Le Mirage (Adam Liria Remix) / 4:23 / ISRC: QZFZ31994477
03. Le Mirage (Cityscape Meditation) / 7:23 / ISRC: QZFZ31994478
04. Le Mirage (Aruimo Remix) / 3:24 / ISRC: QZFZ31994479
05. Silhouette / 4:19 / ISRC: QZFZ31994480


Release date: 27/06/19
Produced by: Sergey Prishvin
Time Duration: 00:23:44
Number Of Tracks: 5
Label: Unaviva
Country: United Kingdom
EAN: 194616682870