There are times when you want to relax and plunge into inner thinking. This album was written specially for such moments. Each track was recorded in different countries, and the starting point of inspiration was the island of Cyprus. Under the sound of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, something was revealed … something inside.

01. Vega / ISRC: USHM21687194 /14:05
02. Something Inside / ISRC: USHM21687195 / 25:40
03. Mare Mediterranea / ISRC: USHM21687196 / 22:19
04. Novem Filias / ISRC: USHM21687197 / 16:09


Release date: 11/09/16
Produced by: Sergey Prishvin
Time Duration: 01:18:12
Number Of Tracks: 4
Label: Unaviva
Country: United Kingdom