In 2008, I became reincarnated, began to look differently at what was happening around. These were qualitative changes. And, as a musician, I captured this moment in the form of music. I got an album that describes my transformation. Returning to him again and again, I spent 4 years creating it. Let this album help to improve your life.

1. Palaraga – Free Your Dark Side / 20:16
2. Palaraga – Travel to Depth of Soul / 21:58
3. Palaraga – Coming Back / 13:23


Release date: 03/03/12
Produced by: Sergey Prishvin
Time Duration: 00:55:37
Number Of Tracks: 3
Label: Unaviva
Country: Latvia
Photo: European Space Agency, NASA, and J. Hester
Cover design: Sergey Prishvin

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