The Life” is a New Age musical journey inspired by an unfinished film depicting the thrilling odyssey of a team of astronauts traveling to Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. The film deserved undivided attention, and this album aims to capture its emotional essence. The music compositions convey the calm and gentle apprehension of a cosmic voyage, inspire wonder, and immerse the listener in the fantastical soundscape of the universe.

01.The Life
Let’s embark on our musical journey with “The Life,” which opens the album and introduces listeners to the moment of departure from Earth. This track conveys inspiration and the sense of adventure that engulfs astronauts as they first ascend into the heavens.

02. Cosmoport
“Cosmoport” transports us to the moment of arrival at the spaceport, where preparations for the long journey are underway. This track sounds mysterious, creating a sense of anticipation and inner readiness for the unknown.

03. Hibernation
“Hibernation” symbolizes the period of sleep and repose during the extended space voyage. The music exudes serenity and tranquility as astronauts enter deep slumber, preparing for their arrival on Enceladus.

04. I Miss You So Much
This track, “I Miss You So Much,” expresses the feelings of astronauts who are far from home and yearn for their loved ones. The music conveys emotional states and nostalgia amidst the vast cosmos.

05. Black Suspense
“Black Suspense” describes moments of anxiety and uncertainty when the crew encounters unexpected obstacles in the cosmic expanse. The music generates tension and excitement.

06.The Stars
This track, “The Stars,” invites us to contemplate the stars and the beauty of the universe. The music creates a sense of grandeur and the incomprehensible, revealing the majesty of space.

07. Jupiter
“Jupiter” takes us past the colossal gas giant, offering a musical perception of its scale and might. This track instills respect for the boundless cosmos.

08. Landing on Enceladus
The approach to Enceladus and the landing on its surface are personified in the track “Landing on Enceladus.” The music conveys anticipation and excitement before the first contact with this enigmatic place.

09. Under Attack
“Under Attack” is a track that voices the harrowing moments when the crew finds themselves under threat. The music conveys tension and the struggle for survival in an unpredictable environment.

10. The End Of The Beginning
“The End Of The Beginning” reflects moments of reflection and realization that the journey is just beginning, despite all the hardships. The music creates a sense of a new start.

11. New Evolution
In this track, “New Evolution,” the concept of new discoveries and evolution, both within the astronauts themselves and in the environment of Enceladus, is embodied. The music sounds hopeful and full of potential.

12. The Voice From Nowhere
Concluding the expedition, “The Voice From Nowhere” represents the final return to Earth. This track fills the listener with a sense of completion and simultaneous contemplation of the uncharted.

The Life” is a musical album that transports listeners into the captivating cosmic journey, capturing the essence of a thrilling exploration of the universe.

01. The Life TCAHJ2378038
02. Cosmoport TCAHJ2378047
03. Hibernation TCAHJ2378055
04. I Miss You So Much TCAHJ2378061
05. Black Suspense TCAHJ2378070
06. The Stars TCAHJ2378080
07. Jupiter TCAHJ2378089
08. Landing on Enceladus TCAHJ2378093
09. Under Atack TCAHJ2378098
10. The End Of The Beginning TCAHJ2378103
11. New Evolution TCAHJ2378109
12. The Voice From Nowhere TCAHJ2378114