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Palaraga is a musical project in the genre of new age, founded by a Russian-born British composer Sergey Prishvin. However, the repertoire of the project is not limited to the genre of new-age, and is rather united by the concept of “music for observing the world around us”, which can be traced in the titles of the tracks.

On Palaraga’s releases there are both light and melodic tracks, playing on the strings of the soul, and experimental, accompanied by hard rhythms or, sometimes, psychedelic sound. And in all this interweaving of styles and sounds, there is also a place for soothing relaxing compositions that envelope you like a stream of warm air, protecting you from external cold and stress.

Overall, the atmosphere of Palaraga’s music appeals to the listener as a unique outsider exploring his or her own world, like a viewer in a movie theater. Listening to each album turns into a session of self-analysis, where you ask yourself questions and get answers in the form of feelings. It’s not just a background, it’s an interlocutor with your mind.

Sergey Prishvin’s music can be found in movies, computer games, and advertisements. With a unique form of sound that is not tied to current musical trends, almost every Palaraga track stands out from the rest of the music in similar genres.