Soundtrack of the Highway” is an exhilarating music album that immerses the listener in the atmosphere of the road and travel. Each composition in this album is crafted to convey the energy, mystique, and beauty of adventures associated with highway journeys and the bustling night traffic.

Soundtrack of the Highway” – the opening track of the album grabs the listener from the first notes and plunges them into the vast expanse of the highway. Combining electronic elements with live instruments, this track creates a dynamic and captivating melody.

In Motel” – this composition transports the listener to the world of motels and rest on the road. With its smooth and relaxing sound, it invites you to enjoy a respite after a long journey, while subtle musical accents create a mysterious atmosphere.

“Night Traffic” – this track captures the nocturnal atmosphere of the city and the streams of cars moving along the road. Its electronic rhythms and melodies transport the listener to the urban nighttime landscape, filling it with energy and dynamism.

Somewhere with You” – this melodic and romantic composition aims to create an atmosphere of journeying with a loved one. Its soft sounds and soothing atmosphere allow you to immerse yourself in a sensual journey and savor the moment of togetherness.

Soundtrack of the Highway (Shantkray Remix)” – the final track in the album, which presents an exciting remix of the title song. It adds new layers of sound, intensifying the dynamics and incorporating electronic elements to accentuate the travel atmosphere and give the track a special charm.

The “Soundtrack of the Highway” album is a captivating musical journey that captures the essence of the open road, night adventures, and the emotions associated with travel. Whether you’re embarking on a physical journey or simply seeking an immersive musical experience, this album provides a sonic backdrop that will transport you to the highways of imagination.

01. Soundtrack of the Highway ISRC: TCAHE2367425
02. In Motel ISRC: TCAHE2367429
03. Night Traffic ISRC: TCAHE2367432
04. Somwhere with You ISRC: TCAHE2367436
05. Soundtrack of the Highway (Shantkray Remix) ISRC: TCAHE2367443