“The Target” Directed by Alexandra Butor
The story of a girl who, as a child, witnessed the murder of her mother. Moreover, at the crime scene with a weapon in her hands, she found her own father. Instead of explanations and excuses, the father ‘got rid’ of her on the same day – he handed her over to an orphanage. For thirteen years she hatched a plan for revenge. And when she broke free, she went in search of her father … with a weapon in her hands.

“Мишень” (Реж. Александра Бутор)
История о девочке, которая в детстве стала свидетелем убийства матери. Причем, на месте преступления с оружием в руках она застала собственного отца. Вместо объяснений и оправданий отец в тот же день «избавился» от нее — сдал в детский дом. Тринадцать лет она вынашивала план мести. И когда вырвалась на свободу, отправилась на поиски отца… с оружием в руках.

01. Search and try (Again) ushm82128099
02. Away from Home USCGJ1672424 tc359376GR
03. Who Am I To You ushm82128100
04. Stay Alive UST8K1579014 tc432763LV
05. The Soul Has No Body (Air) ushm82128101
06. Angel’s next day USHM91322848 tc359072GN
07. Roots of Hate USCGJ1672422 tc359376GP
08. Away From Home (Cinematic Remix) USCGH2178186
09. Search and try (Air) UST8K1579024 tc342694DW
10. Scandinavian Lakes USCGJ1672437
11. Around The World USHM22029314