Reflections on water, the mirror of soul.
You listen my secrets and poised them all.
The noise in my ears, i hoped it was rain.
Your beautiful voice – makes pain.

We dived in the ocean, you give me the stone.
I hold it, i feel need emotion you stole.
You hurting with lies, you burn with complains
My spirit is gone – from strains

I lay on the ground to feel deep of power.
My mind is a trap, he locked me in tower.
I prey every day, new fate or new doom day.
You come in my dreams – my babe

We liquids in time, and life is the pitcher.
I breathing last time, and smiling on picture
I saw falling stars, when walking in darkness.
My heart making sounds – of sadness

1. Sadness TCAHR2358946
2. Night Flight TCAHR2358948
3. Raining Day TCAHR2358949
4. Runaway TCAHR2358951
5. Sadness (on Fire) TCAHR2358958
6. Give Me Your Smile TCAHR2358973